735420,Nurobod district, RoziqovaRozi 15 Street


(+992 3133) 30076


(+992 3133) 30076


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Safarzoda Bakhtibek Mahmadkhuja

Reception of citizens:

Every workday from  800until1700

Prosecutor of the Nurobod district

Safarzoda Bakhtibek Mahmadkhuja

In 2000 graduated from the Law faculty of Tajik State National University

From 2004 – intern-investigator of the Shughnon prosecutor’s office

From July 2004 – investigator of the Darvoz district prosecutor’s office

From 2008 – senior assistant of the prosecutor of GBAR

From January 2014 – prosecutor of the Murghob district

From January 2019 – prosecutor of the Nurobod district

Counselor of Justice 2st class

Fluent in Tajik and Russian languages