On June 23, 2023, at 22:10, Mr. Ismatulloev Shuhrat Abdugafforovich, the first deputy chairman of “Orienbank” Tajikistan, was abducted by an organized criminal group off Zakariye Rozi Street in Dushanbe.

On that day, a criminal case was initiated based on this fact, and an operational-investigative group was created to investigate the crime and bring the perpetrators to justice.

During the investigation, it was identified that one of the members of an organized criminal group is Ashurov Rustam Karimovich, a national of the Republic of Tajikistan, born on March 25, 1980, a resident of the Dushanbe city, who, after committing this crime, fled to the Republic of Moldova via Turkiye intending to further hide in the countries of the European Union.

While crossing the State border of the Republic of Moldova and attempting to apprehend him, he seized a gun from one of the law enforcement officers at the Chisinau airport, killed two people, and took several people hostage.

During the anti-terrorist operation, Ashurov R.K. was wounded and arrested.

The criminal investigation into this case is ongoing.