735600, Zafarobod district, settlement Zafarobod, Baynalmillali (International) Street 4


(+992 3452) 5-25-00


(+992 3452) 5-25-00


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Sultonzoda   Asadullo  Yusufbek

Reception of citizens:

Every workday from  800 until1700

Prosecutor of the Sughd region, Zafarobod district

Prosecutor   of     Zafarabad    district.

Sultonzoda   Asadullo  Yusufbek

In        1993 -   Graduated   from  the  Tajik  State  University.

Since  1993 -    Acting trainee  to  the  post of  Assistant  Prosecutor  of  B.Gafurov  district.

Since   1994 -   Investigator  for  particulary  important  cases  of  the  prosecutor s office   

                         of  the Leninabad  region.

Since   1996 -   Investigator  for  particulary  important  cases of  the  prosecutor s  office  of  the 

                         Leninabad  region.

Since  1998 -    Senior  investigator  of  the prosecutor s  office of  the  Istaravshan  city.

Since   2002 -   Senior  investigator  of  the  procuracy  of  Kanibadam.

Since   2003 -   Investigator  of  the  procuracy of  Matchoh.

Since   2004 -   Investigator  of  the  procuracy  of  Shahristan  district.

Since   2007 -   Senior public  prosecutor  of  the Department  for  supervision  of the preliminary

                         investigation of  the criminal  cases  of  the  prosecutor s  office  of  the  Sughd region.

Since   2009 -   Assistant  prosecutor  of  the  Ganchi  district.

Since   2010 -    Senior  assistant  to  the  prosecutor  of  the  city  of  Khorug  of   the

                          Mountainous   Badakshan   Autonomous  region

Since September  2010 –Acting prosecutor  of  the  Roshtkala  district  of  the  Mountainous  

                          Badakshan    Autonomous  region.

Since November 2010 – Prosecutor  of  the  Roshtkala  district  of  the  Mountainous Badakshan Autonomous  region.

Since   2015 -    Acting  prosecutor  of  the  Roshtkala  district  of  the  Mountainous Badakshan  Autonomous region.

Since   2016 -    Prosecutor  of  Zafarabad  district  of  Sughd  region.

 First  class  justice  adviser .

 Knows Tajik  and  Russian languages.